Revolutionising data and apps for the next generation of financial markets pros

We provide sophisticated, intuitive, complete solutions, from idea generation to risk management.
If you broke, trade or invest in derivatives markets, we eliminate frustration, boost your productivity and enable rational, responsible risk-taking.

Moving beyond limited legacy tools

In an ever faster and more complex environment, an outdated data and analytics stack holds financial markets professionals back.
We poured 50-plus shared years of active trading experience into the products that our team could once only dream of using.

Meet the Copilot

Ease of use, intelligent data, and tools that make sense come together in a unique way to revolutionise your trading.

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The Allasso platform

Allasso is a new type of SaaS market data platform, offering intuitive analysis capabilities to front-office users and an extensive API interface for automated processes and LLM queries.
  • We augment raw market data by building domain expertise and industry best practice into the selection of instruments, investment strategies and risk models, making choices more intuitive and less overwhelming.

  • We pre-process all relevant data series for more than 6,000 global financial products spanning futures, options to stocks, FX and crypto, enabling the generation of complex simulations at the click of a button.

  • We bring the power of LLMs to financial markets, enabling front-office users to answer pre-trade questions quickly and intuitively, and even to generate quantitative strategies using natural language queries.

  • Our SaaS model ensures secure communications and data exchange, both internally and with external partners. It also streamlines methodologies across the entire organisation.

  • Allasso is fully API-enabled, offering complete machine access to all market data and features for advanced use (client-specific Web Apps). An Excel add‑in bridges the gap to traditional setups.