About Allasso

ἀλλᾰ́σσω • (allássō)

  1. to change, alter, make other than it is
  2. to give in exchange, barter one thing for another
  3. to take a new position
  4. to have dealings, as a buyer or seller
  5. to alternate

Our Mission

We equip the next generation of finance professionals to do their job even better, enabling them to get instant answers to their own questions and develop fully-fledged strategies and portfolios. We’re passionate about securing user peace of mind, supercharged productivity, and the ability to engage in rational, responsible risk-taking.

Allasso also goes beyond the individual, building significant enterprise-level benefits. Using our platform, traders, investment officers, quants and risk managers all speak the same language, lifting the mist that can settle between functions.

Management Team

Portrait of Felix Euler

Felix Euler

Founder, CEO

Dynamic professional with a long successful career in derivatives trading and investing. From Vitol to Citi and Rokos Capital, he’s thrived. One itch to scratch: building perfect tools for the job.

Portrait of Vadim Cisse

Vadim Cissa

CO-Founder, COO

Former #1 Kaggle champion and rocket scientist. Versatile pro in data science and banking. 10+ years with Felix, innovating and leading.
🚀🔍 #DataScienceLeader

Portrait of Andrei Kuminov

Andrei Kuminov


Visionary CTO, navigating the tech frontier with expertise. Innovator, problem-solver, and leader in driving cutting-edge solutions.
🚀💻 #CTOInnovation

Portrait of Alexandra Nitka

Alexandra Nitka

Head of Sales

Seasoned energy markets broker and dynamic team builder. Poised to lead as Head of Sales, bringing expertise and leadership to new heights.
⚡🌐 #EnergyMarkets #SalesLeader

Board & Advisors

Portrait of Simon Collins

Simon Collins

Investor Director

30+ years in commodities. Ex-Gerald Metals, Trafigura board member. Now CEO at TradeCloud, Director at EdgePetrol, and Chairman at Voltvision. Passionate about tech.
🌐⚙ #Entrepreneur

Portrait of Alan Duric

Alan Duric


Wire founder, reshaping secure communication for 20+ years. Successful exits to Google, eBay/Skype and public listing. Visionary leader prioritising privacy in global tech landscape.
🌐🔒 #TechInnovation

Portrait of Jeremy Elliott

Jeremy Elliott


Seasoned manager in the IDB space, with decades at ICAP and Marex. Specialist in scaling businesses and forging impactful partnerships.
🌐🤝 #IDB #BusinessScaling

Portrait of David Wender

David Wender


David has transformed the landscape of financial markets over his 20+ years experience as a tech entrepreneur. Passionate about innovation, he crafts cutting-edge solutions to reimagine financial systems - one innovation at a time.
🚀💡 #techentrepreneur

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